Cousins Furniture
Cousins Furniture

Cousins Furniture, one of the longest-running family-owned independent furniture retailers, have approached The Curious Agency to develop their brand. Today’s retail climate is tough, it has changed drastically from 33 years ago when Cousins established.

The brief required consideration of glories past, whilst reflecting the new exciting era under the leadership the younger family generations. The brand also needed to address many different audiences – from core loyal customers who’ve shopped with Cousins for years, young families, and the younger professionals.

Consumers today expect brands to inspire, educate, offer quality, and be available to purchase immediately. In order for consumers to believe that Cousins Furniture can do all of these things, our objective was to strip back the message and simplify all communications. In doing so we’ve developed one core message that’s delivered using a consistent tone of voice and brand imagery.

We knew not to touch the brand’s logo, but instead, embrace, and use it as inspiration alongside vibrant brand imagery and trend-focused art direction. The new BrandWorld assets have been supported by the existing logo and colour palette.