Booking YoYo
Booking YoYo

Booking YoYo is revolutionising how bike rental businesses hire out and manage their fleets. It’s the Plug & Play nature and endless features that are helping transform bike rental businesses around the world. The Curious Agency was responsible for developing the new brand identity and communications to deliver impact and engagement throughout the world.

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With Booking YoYo the bike renter is the priority, so the new brand had to communicate a sense of ease and accessibility. Booking YoYo doesn’t tie customers into long-term contracts nor is it built around outdated software models that don’t keep up with the latest usability features.

With this in mind, a multi-layered brand communications strategy was implemented that not only emphasised the cost and efficiency savings, but also educated bike rental businesses on the best practice processes to maximise their revenue and profit margin.

Just weeks into the launch of Booking YoYo, the brand has had a significant impact on the bike rental software market, which has engaged businesses from the UK, Europe, US and beyond. With early exponential growth, The Curious Agency is responsible for the creation of targetted campaigns in the aim of building the worlds No.1 bike rental software brand.

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